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Ongoing unURBAN Project:
Prudhoe Bay, Alaska - Ushuaia, Argentina

The plan was to drive the American continent from Prudhoe Bay/Dead Horse, Alaska, to Ushuaia, Argentina, and to see and experience as much fun and interesting things as possible along the way. This is definitely not a trip where the goal is to arrive at the "destination", but the journey itself. For this reason, the "plan" is still very much open, and we hope to discover routes and things to do as we go.

Planned route #3:

Planned travel route

At the time of writing we are in Palenque, Mexico. We have just now received an email from family members back home, and it apppears that we'll have visitors onroute. Still, this requires some adjustments to our planned route, and therefore yet another Planned Route has been made! So instead of driving south along the Yucatan peninsula, we now drive south west and into Guatemala on the Pasific side. From there we'll explore the country for slowly working our way east to Belize, and from there drive north back into Mexico to meet up with our visitors somewhere in Yucatan.

Planned route #2:

Planned travel route

At the time of writing we are in Wyoming, USA. The big question of where to go next has now culiminated in a new Planned Route! The short story is south along the Rockies, probably as far as Las Vegas, then back west to the cost and San Fransisco, and eventually south along the coast to Mexico and Baja.

Planned route #1:

Planned travel route

The Alaska to Argentina route is marked as a GREEN line. The RED and YELLOW lines are the U.S. East Coast to U.S. West Coast trip (Florida - Alaska). RED where Espen was driving alone, and YELLOW where Malin would joined in.

Actual route:

Show Malin and Espen's position in a bigger map.


Days from Dead Horse, Alaska: 201
Kilometers from Dead Horse, Alaska: 24100km
Fuel average from Dead Horse, Alaska: 14 liters/100 km = 16,9 mpg

Border crossings with the car (including temporary import to USA): 6
Beuraucrasy issues at borders: 1 (first entry to USA)
Stopped by police: 0
(1 attempted parking ticket, no luck..)

Flat tires: 0 !!
Tent nights: 199 of 239
(counting from Calgary on our way north, where Malin joined after finishing her work in the Arctic).

Average cost per day for US & Canada (2 persons):
Total number of days: 181

Fuel: 21,36 US$
Accomodation: 17,74 US$
Food (including eating out & alcohol): 31,39 US$
Other trip expences
(museums, national parks, toll roads, presents&postage, etc): 10,32 US$

Fuel, average price per litre: 0,97 US$ (3,7 US$ per gallon)
Free camps: 21
Staying with friends: 40
Number of nights in campgrounds: 113
Number of nights at Hotel/Hostel: 7

Average cost per day for Mexico (2 persons) (so far 12.January 2011):
(exchange rate: 11,95 peso/US$)
Total number of days in Mexico: 58

Fuel: 10,16 US$
Accomodation: 9,55 US$
Food (including eating out & alcohol): 19,42 US$
Other trip expences
(museums, ferry, toll roads, presents&postage, etc): 13,35 US$

Fuel, average price per litre: 0,75 US$ (2,9 US$ per gallon)
Number of free nights: 16
Staying with friends: 0
Number of nights in campgrounds: 38
Number of nights at Hotel/Hostel: 4

Places and detours:

Whipsaw Trail
This is a nice little detour in south
eastern British Columbia. We spent two
days driving this scenic off-road trail.
..read more..

The Haul Road
Not exactly a detour, as Prudhoe Bay
was to be the "start" of our trip to
Ushuaia in Argentina. An epic drive
..read more..

Manley Hotsprings
A memorable stay in the small town of
Manley Hotsprings, and a visit to one
of the most exotic hot spring so far
on this trip.
..read more..

McCarthy & Kennykott
Visiting the old mining area in the
St.Elias-Wrangell Mountains in Alaska.
Facinating road, facinating towns, and
a facinating history.
..read more..

Skiing in Banff
Just in time for the last weekend this
season in Sunshine, and a nice back-
country route up to Bow Hut north of
Lake Louise.
..read more..

Spent almost two weeks here on my way
north. A fantastic place with lots of
atmosphere and things to do if you like
4x4-ing, ATV-ing, biking or river sports.
..read more..

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