Welcome to unurban adventures...
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unURBAN is a crew of two having time off and doing fun things. Part one is a drive across North America from north to south, part two is driving across Central America, part three is driving South America
from north to south, and the parts after that are just not yet decided.
- Africa? Australia? Asia? Container freight home? We'll see when the time comes... More about the planned journey in the Route section.

And the unURBANs are:

Malin Malin
Age: Not very old
From: Norway

Why: Feel like it
How long: Dont know

Things to do:
- photograpy
- skiing and mountaineering
- rock climbing
- relaxing
- finding nice restaurants
- learn spanish

Contact Malin: "first name"@unurban.no
Espen Espen
Age: Not much older
From: Sunnmore in Norway

Why: Trying to get the car stuck
How long: Until Malin wants to go home

Things to do:
- skiing and mountaineering
- drive offroad trails
- fix the car after driving offroad...
- practice video filming and editing
- lunch naps on caribbean beaches
- try out wave surfing
- do I have to learn spanish??

Contact Espen: "first name"@unurban.no